Security Solutions

Security Solutions

We are the experts in IP Camera Systems. We provide the technical advice you need to assure you get the right IP cameras, NVR software, video storage, enclosures and lenses as well as the technical support you need to assure your system works as expected.

Network Attached IP Cameras and Video Servers (or video encoders) attach to the network just like a computer. Set the IP address and they can be viewed by a web browser. Add powerful IP software and you can create a sophisticated surveillance system. IP Cameras are much easier to install than the older analog CCTV cameras. The cameras are all connected to the network using standard network cable. The latest cameras can even be powered over Ethernet (PoE), making installation even simpler. We offer a multi-vendor surveillance solutions to suit the client needs.

Our complete IP Camera systems for indoor or outdoor applications include IP cameras, servers, storage, enclosures, lenses and software; everything you need to create a working surveillance system.

We endeavour to continually upgrade these skills through regular training of our staff so as to ensure that the services offered are the best in the industry and meet specific client needs

Expertise Solutions

Our main focus is on the provision of data, voice and video networking from the entry point local area networks (L.A.N), branch office interconnectivity wide area networks (W.A.N), internet communications, wireless networking (WLAN) encompassing infrastructure layout and logical architecture.