Our current clientele whom we offer personalized technical support and consultancy comprises the following organizations:-


1. TLS Contact Visa Application Center
2. Global Convergence Inc
3. Phoenix Aviation Limited
4. Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC)
5. Drivers Universe Limited
6. PCEA Kasarani Church
7. Aberdare Prestige and Royal Cottages (AP)
8. Mazop Enterprises Limited
9. Under The Same Sun (UTSS)
10. Atlas Development & Support Services
11. Kimisitu Sacco 


1. Office of the president
2. Administration police training college (APTC)
3. Privatization commission

Expertise Solutions

Our main focus is on the provision of data, voice and video networking from the entry point local area networks (L.A.N), branch office interconnectivity wide area networks (W.A.N), internet communications, wireless networking (WLAN) encompassing infrastructure layout and logical architecture.